Pankerica – House of Independent Films

  1. Fever (Fieber) – Feature Film (2014)

    Production: Amour Fou Luxembourg – Vienna;
    Service Production - Serbia: pankerica doo
    Written and Directed by: Elfi Mikesch
    Director of Photography: Jerzy Palacz
    Produced by: Alexander Dumreicher - Ivancean, Bady Minck


  2. If You See Maria (Ako jednom vidiš Mariju) - Short Film (2014)

    Production: pankerica doo
    Written and Directed by: Ivana Anastasovska
    Director of Photography: Jo Jo Lam
    Produced by: Jo Jo Lam, Aleksandra Rakić


  3. Apophenia (Apofenia) - Feature film (2016)

    Production: FRZ Filmski Front doo; Co-production: NFC Kino Klub Novi Sad, Atalanta doo, pankerica doo
    Written by: Dragan Stanković, Marin Malesević
    Directed by: Marin Malešević
    Director of Photography: Predrag Radosavljević
    Produced by: Dušica Dragin, Goran Filipaš

  4. Counting In Autumn (Stetje v Jeseni) Music Documentary Film (2016)

    Production: Zveza Mink Tolmin; Co-production: pankerica doo, Stara Gara, DPZN, UPB, Koda Modra
    Written and Directed by: Marko Brecelj
    Director of Photography: Jure Černec
    Produced by: Janez Leban; Co-producer: Goran Filipaš, Miha Černec

  5. Our fathers, mothers and their children (Naši očevi, majke i njihova djeca) - Feature film (2017)

    Production: pankerica doo
    Written and Directed by: Sanja Savić
    Director of Photography: Marija Momić
    Produced by: Sanja Savić, Rade Kovač, Goran Filipaš